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Reston Offers Ideal Business Climate for IDM’s Growth


Reston, VA (January 21, 2014) - Reston is located in the Northern Virginia area, a region dubbed the “Netplex” in a 1993 article by Fortune Magazine. With close proximity to Washington DC and some of the country’s cheapest electricity rates, the Dulles Technology Corridor was home to many of the first Internet pioneers, including AOL and telecommunications providers such as MCI Communications and Nextel. Today it has grown into a global hub for data storage and infrastructure firms, including:


  • Hosting the Internet Society whom manages the master list of all domain names
  • Large data storage facilities for Amazon Web Services
  • Network infrastructure company Verisign
  • Domain name registrar Network Solutions
  • Carrying up to 70% of the world’s internet traffic
  • The State of Virginia is rated #1 in terms of highest concentration of technology workers in the nation according to TechAmerica

These deep roots in technology have given the area the most connected Internet infrastructure and highest bandwidth available anywhere in the United States. Expanding business growth ensures the region’s status as the “Wired Capital of America” will only strengthen with time. The Dulles Technology Corridor has drawn many Fortune 500 companies, including:


  • XO Communication
  • Rolls-Royce
  • NII Technologies
  • Volkswagen
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Raytheon
  • Oracle

Reston was first developed in the 1960s by architect Robert E. Simon, who sought to create a city that combined the quality of life of the suburbs with the vibrant economic and social opportunities of urban living. A conscious decision was made to leave wide areas of natural space and scenic beauty available by clustering work, retail, entertainment and high-density residential centers. Today Reston is known as one of the most successful planned live/work communities in the world, and often appears on top 10 lists of the best places to live in America.


IDM has been located in Reston since 2004, however we recently launched our new headquarters in the heart of Reston’s Town Center. Our new offices are larger, with an open, modern industrial design that inspires creativity, collaboration, and innovative thinking. A winning combination of geographic accessibility, technology infrastructure, favorable business climate, educated workforce, and desirable quality of life have made Reston a magnet city for business. As a rapidly growing company with a foundation in information technology, Reston was a perfect fit for IDM’s growing needs.





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